Adapting to the complex needs of an ever-changing industry.

Obility is built around the idea of always being there for customers—no matter how, and especially as needs evolve. It’s this commitment that allows us to continually go above and beyond for patients by doing whatever it takes to empower progress.

It’s also what drives our full continuum of orthopedic care and support. At Obility, we provide orthopedic products and services to meet your every need—including the management of all durable medical equipment (DME), and insurance and billing before, during and after your surgery, and everything in-between. So you can focus on getting better, and Achieving Better—whatever better means for you.

At Obility, it’s our team’s goal to get you closer to yours. To make a positive impact on your life. To make the extraordinary possible, every day. To make things easier for you, in every way. This is our promise to you.

Your partners in motion


Mark Sorensen


Mark is a University of Michigan Ross School of Business graduate and while attending played hockey. In 2005 he received a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Michigan.

His astute business and financial acumen, consultative skills, and deep knowledge in orthopedics are the driving force behind the firm’s rise to a multi-million dollar operation. He has extensive knowledge in business building and professional networking accrued through over twenty years of professional experience.


Polina Goncharova

Vice President of Finance & Operations

Polina comes to Obility with a degree in Accounting and International Business along with a background in hospitality. Polina’s diverse background gives her a unique perspective on financial processes as they relate to patient care, which she then utilizes to improve procedures and enhance successful outcomes. 


Kolby Wood

Vice President of Sales

With over 5 years of experience in medical sales, Kolby is committed to improving the patient experience. He actively engages in conversations with clinicians to fully understand their needs while using his expert knowledge of products and technologies to offer creative solutions and ultimately help improve patient outcomes.


Tim Davis

Service and Inventory Manager

With over 10 years of service management experience, Tim provides logistical and inventory control solutions for Obility’s sales and service teams. He specializes in the implementation of custom inventory solutions to help hospitals and physician offices save on overhead. A licensed BOC orthotic fitter, Tim ensures that products are up to quality standards and clinicians’ needs are met.

Passion, in motion

Obility is able to deliver on its promise to support our patient and physician customers due to our unique team of professionals who are each committed to providing expert and outstanding service to all.

Sales Consultants

Providing expertise and custom solutions

Our sales team is here for you. They are dedicated to presenting the right products and services for your practice – whether it be a stock and bill DME program or innovative new instrumentation for your surgical suite. Our sales consultants can consult on specific cases, provide training on new technologies and serve as your partner to determine the optimal solutions for your practice.  At Obility, we work with you to make sure that you receive the right products, understand the products and guarantee that your financial and care goals are met.

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Patient Advocates—For Providers

Filling the gap, so you can spend more time with your patients

Our Patient Advocates are dedicated to our provider partners and patients. Our goal is to eliminate the need for you and your staff to spend time on the business aspects of care management, so you can focus where it matters most – your patients. We provide patient education on product use, insurance verification and support and payment options. As subject matter experts we are a valuable resource every step of the way.

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Patient Advocates—For Patients

Providing support when it matters most

Our Patient Advocates work diligently to partner with your ordering physician to ensure we offer the best solution possible for your pre- or post- surgical needs. Our Patient Advocates are subject matter experts available to educate our patients on procedures, products, product cost, insurance, billing, benefits and everything in between. Our team works hard to find the most cost-effective options for you because our goal is to make sure you are taken care of every step of the way.

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Our Service Technicians

Dedicated to timely and effective service

Once your physician and Patient Advocate has determined the optimal product for you, a Service Technician will reach out to coordinate product delivery when and where you need it. Not only do they bring the product to you, they provide product fitting and education on how to use the product. Your Service Technician is available 24/7 to address any questions you may have, or if needed, to adjust, service or replace your product.

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Billing Experts

Providing guidance and support throughout the process

With 15 years of experience in the industry, our team offers specialized expertise in DME billing. We work with our patients on claim processing to ensure the maximum possible benefit from your healthcare insurance. We strive to provide full transparency and make the process as painless and simple as possible.

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Why Choose Obility?
  • We are committed to being a true partner to patients and physicians: We have individual conversations with each patient to ensure their satisfaction with their care.
  • We craft customized relationships with our physician partners to effectively support their unique needs.
  • We take the tie to understand each patient’s specific circumstances so that we can create custom solutions.
  • We understand how overwhelming patients’ different options are and aim to be transparent in discussing care options.
  • We help our patient and physician partners achieve better
  • Inventory solutions that meet your needs: We work with hospitals and care centers to assess areas of improvement. We stock inventories to ensure equipment availability.
  • Ability to negotiate pricing or finance a payment plan if needed—ensuring best care and not necessarily just the “most affordable” care
How we solve problems 

Ability to deliver without frustration: Our timely structure ensures that each facet of the process runs smoothly. Our technicians partner with each patient to avoid frustration when scheduling.

Problem-solving ability: Our close-knit team works together to create solutions to any problems we encounter. We communicate with each other to discover new opportunities and present new ideas.

How we go above and beyond 
  • Facts and statistics support enhanced outcomes, performance, recovery times, and results: Our performance history speaks to our understanding of the changing process and ability to adapt to every new situation. We have facts and statistics to support outcomes, performance, recovery times, and results.
  • Commitment to treating patients with care and compassion every step of the way: We understand that care is personal. We want to guide patients thru the process and prioritize their wellbeing.
  • Improving the patient’s overall experience: We want to be present throughout the whole experience. (We are there for more than just the payment.) We work with the patient, the doctor, and the servicers.
  • Patient Education: Informing the patient of their specific healthcare coverage and what the best options are, and we breakdown a patients coverage information so they can have a better understanding of how their insurance works
How we are proactive 

Education on extensive products, technology, and equipment (brand and agnostic): Our wide range of products gives us the flexibility to provide the best options for care.

How we are innovative: Technology integration
  • Our systems create a high level of efficiency that gives us more time to dedicate to each patient.
  • Integration of technology into our process allows us to have upfront and transparent conversations with patients about their coverage while providing an accurate approximation of their estimated out of pocket costs.
  • Integrated Stock & Bill solution allows for a completely paperless and secure process
Why Obility
  • Quality, performance, and results they can trust in.
  • We offer a Partnership in Motion by working with both the physician and patient to offer an array of options and solutions in an effort to Achieve Better all through the power of one company, Obility.
Why work with us vs. another company? 
  • Our PCC’s are dedicated subject matter experts.
  • We integrate technology to offer the most up to date and accurate benefit information possible
  • We educate patients on their benefits and their care
  • We take the guess work out of how insurance works
  • Our technicians are certified athletic trainers
  • Our billing team of 10 follows up with insurance, creates custom appeals, and ensures customer questions are answered
  • 14 years in the DME insurance billing business
  • Ability to bill Medicare in all jurisdictions
  • Insurance contracts include BCBS, Medicaid, Health Alliance, Workers Comp, and others:
    –NextHealth Choice
    –Certified athletic trainers
    –PCCs/subject matter experts 
How can we help you achieve better/get better? 
  • We work with you and your physician to determine the best options for care
  • We listen to your concerns and questions and educate accordingly
  • We partner with some of the best physicians to ensure our product offerings work for the patient
  • Our techs work around the patients schedule to deliver what you need when you need it