Athletic Trainer – What You Should Know About This Highly Important Profession

At Obility, we prioritize the highest level of patient care by utilizing Athletic Trainers to fit and educate our patients.

What is an Athletic Trainer?

Athletic trainers are recognized by AMA (American Medical Association) as allied healthcare professionals. They work side by side with physicians to provide emergency services, clinical assessments, rehabilitation, and aid in the prevention of injuries.

In what roles would you find Certified Athletic Trainers?

Athletic trainers can be found in the traditional athletic training setting like Athletic Training room and athletic fields from youth to professional levels. They can also be found in an non traditional, yet common setting, such as performing arts, the military, or in the clinical setting as physician extenders.

How are Athletic Trainers different than Personal Trainers?

Athletic trainers are often confused with Personal Trainers, however they have a larger skillset and scope of practice. In order to practice as an athletic trainer, a Bachelors or Masters in Athletic Training is required.

Athletic trainers must also be certified by the Board of Certification (BOC) and depending on state, they may need a license to practice. Illinois is state that require a license to practice as an Athletic Trainer.

Why is having an Athletic Trainer important in the delivery and education of Medical Equipment?

Athletic trainers have the biomechanical knowledge needed to educate the patient on proper use as well as ensuring proper fit.

Outcomes are important. We believe it.

At Obility, we are proud to utilize Athletic Trainers in the setup, delivery, and education of our patients.


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