Why Investing in Healthcare IT can Save Your Medical Practice Money

Healthcare IT

If you haven’t invested in Healthcare IT yet, then you’re a true holdout.  Maybe you’re thinking that your practice has been successful for many years without it, so why change now? Because other medical practices have made the change and it has benefited them enormously. Doing things the same way you always have is a comforting choice.  Your staff may … Read More

Is Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy Right for You in 2018?

taking blood for PRP therapy

You’ve probably read online about PRP therapy.  In its most news-worthy forms, PRP is used as a hair growth treatment and as a type of cosmetic treatment known sensationally as the “vampire facial”. But platelet-rich plasma has medical applications which professional athletes have touted the benefits of for years.  PRP is also a viable treatment for people suffering from chronic … Read More

Why Mergers and Acquisitions Provide Solutions for Durable Medical Equipment Suppliers

a nurse leading an old person in wheelchair

Times are tough for smaller DME suppliers, but the changing healthcare landscape is also impacting larger entities.  Rising costs and shrinking reimbursements are part of the problem, but suppliers are also subjected to the vagaries of changing and even conflicting policies between Medicaid and MCOs (Managed Care Organizations). These realities make cash flow and capitalization a problem, especially when there’s … Read More

Critical Components to Achieving Payment Assurance Through Patient Engagement

There’s a lamentably oppositional relationship between patients and their insurers, which interpolates itself into interactions throughout the healthcare space.  But at Obility, we’re actively working to change that. This post is about strategies critical to achieving payment assurance through patient engagement.  When patients are engaged and informed about projected billings, there’s much less likelihood of delays in payment. It’s all … Read More

Study: Women’s Knee Osteoarthritis Indicated by Weak Thigh Muscles

knee pain

You hate exercise.  We know.  A lot of people do. But if you’re a woman and you’ve avoided keeping your thighs strong, you may be at risk of osteoarthritis of the knee. A study conducted last year by researchers at the Paracelsus Medical University in Salzburg, Austria revealed that weakness in women’s thigh muscles was a major contributing factor in … Read More

Why is My Doctor Prescribing a CPM Machine?

CPM machine

If your doctor has prescribed a CPM machine, then you’ve had a total knee replacement.  CPM stands for continuous passive motion.  It came into use in the late 1970s when a doctor named Robert B. Salter, from Toronto, Canada, discerned that immobilizing the joint following surgery wasn’t the best course of action. The goal of the CPM machine is keep … Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

durable medical equipment

It’s not just older people who need durable medical equipment.  After surgery, mobility aids are often needed.  Also, people with chronic illnesses or disabilities require the support of DME. But a lot of people aren’t clear about what it is.  So, we’ve assembled this handy guide with everything you need to know about durable medical equipment (DME) and how it … Read More

DVT Prevention and Home Care: How to Prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis

woman sitting on the bed with leg ache

About 350,000 US citizens are diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis each year.  Some of these people are shocked to discover that blood clots lurk and that they’re life-threatening.  But 1 in 10 people with this condition die from it. This occurs when blood clots deep in the veins break off and travel to organs like the lungs. Many factors can … Read More

Ways to Lower Your Risk of Falling Inside Your Home

bathroom handrail

Falling in the home is a serious thing, especially if you live alone.  While most falls are minor incidents, as you get older you need to be a little more careful.  Balance issues can set in as we age. Every year, approximately 3 million people over the age of 65 suffer a fall in the home.  Even a minor fall … Read More