Ways to Lower Your Risk of Falling Inside Your Home

bathroom handrail

Falling in the home is a serious thing, especially if you live alone.  While most falls are minor incidents, as you get older you need to be a little more careful.  Balance issues can set in as we age. Every year, approximately 3 million people over the age of 65 suffer a fall in the home.  Even a minor fall … Read More

What is an OA Knee Brace?

OA knee brace

Today, 27 million people in the USA are afflicted with the degenerative disease of the bone, osteoarthritis. It can strike anyone.  Whether you’re active or sedentary, slim or portly, OA is an equal opportunity affliction.  A painful condition, it can strike in any of your joints, but knees are a bad place to get it.  It can affect your mobility … Read More

Orthopedic Soft Tissue Repair Market: An Evolving Trend in Sports Medicine

soft tissue injury

The influence of sports medicine techniques on other medical sectors is rising, but soft tissue repair is impacting that sector, in turn. With large scale entrants to the market in the order of Arthrex, Smith & Nephew and others, this growing market promises to have applications for soft tissue injuries in all cohorts of the population, including the elderly. Technological … Read More

How to Get Durable Medical Equipment If You Live in a Medicare Competitive Bidding City

Durable Medical Equipment is a crucial part of life for people who are chronically ill, recovering from surgery, or suffering from long term disabilities.  The DME category covers everything from mobility aids like wheelchairs and canes to dialysis machines, ventilators and oxygen and other reusable, supportive healthcare aids. There’s no getting around the fact that when people need these supplies, … Read More