Why Investing in Healthcare IT can Save Your Medical Practice Money

Healthcare IT

If you haven’t invested in Healthcare IT yet, then you’re a true holdout.  Maybe you’re thinking that your practice has been successful for many years without it, so why change now?

Because other medical practices have made the change and it has benefited them enormously.

Doing things the same way you always have is a comforting choice.  Your staff may prefer that your administrative and client-facing functions never change – ever.  But if your practice is going to continue thriving, it’s time to start thinking about taking the leap.

This post details why investing in healthcare IT can save your medical practice money.  But there are spinoff benefits detailed here which may also interest you.

Cutting Down on Paper (and More)

Paper is a fact of life in a doctor’s office.  But is it?  With healthcare IT, you can dramatically reduce your paper usage for functions like patient onboarding.  And never mind all the administrative work associated with such functions.

In addition, the security of patient data must be safeguarded, so the day will come when all that paper not only needs to be filed, scanned, printed and faxed.  It will need to be shredded.

Online tools and healthcare IT not only saves you paper, it saves on equipment that you either won’t need anymore, or you’ll need much less of.  Fax machines, printers, scanners, toner and even filing cabinets can be dispensed with.

Efficient Communication

Communication breakdowns can cost you.  Just by way of example, in 2015 more than 3/4s of US hospitals were penalized by Medicare with reduced reimbursements due to inappropriate readmissions. Most of these readmissions were occasioned by poor communication.

And inefficient communication isn’t just costly.  It’s irritating and can profoundly damage relationships between care providers and patients.

Healthcare IT also opens the lines of communication in ways that benefit both doctor and patient.  For example, having a digital interface for patient questions, forms and other communicative needs reduces the time needed during office hours to attend to them.  They can be achieved at any time of day.

Higher Quality.  Happier Patients.

The margin of error shrinks when technology is called upon to automate and streamline administrative functions.  When the human element is either reduced or eliminated at the more tedious back end of administration, there’s less cause for frustration and feeling “like a number”.

While that may seem counter-intuitive, people like to feel that the service they’re receiving from your office is efficient, honoring the fact that they’ve chosen you as their practitioner.  When errors occur, they feel inadequately served and less-than-important.

Healthcare IT is a great way for medical offices to cut costs, streamline their systems and provide an enhanced patient experience.  If you’re hesitating, we hope this brief overview has given you some food for thought as to why it’s time to move on it.

Here are some software solutions your office can benefit from:

  • Coverage Verification and Prior Authorization (MRI’s, DME, Injections, Surgery, etc)
  • Inventory management
  • DME Billing and Ordering
  • Supply Chain Management (always being stocked with necessary supplies and knowing where they are!)
  • And so much more.


With Obility, doctors and patients have a partner in motion. We work with clinician partners to find technology solutions that allow them to cut costs and improve workflow inefficiencies. Contact us to find out more.

  • Obility has partnered with a Coverage Verification and Prior Authorization software Next Health Choice to streamline our workflow and reduce the number of hours spent on the phone with insurance.
  • Obility works with Athletic departments, large hospitals and small orthopedic practices to evaluate their workflow to see if software solutions are the right fit for them. Call us today and we bet there’s a technology that can solve at least one of your current redundancies.

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