Orthopedic Soft Tissue Repair Market: An Evolving Trend in Sports Medicine

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The influence of sports medicine techniques on other medical sectors is rising, but soft tissue repair is impacting that sector, in turn.

With large scale entrants to the market in the order of Arthrex, Smith & Nephew and others, this growing market promises to have applications for soft tissue injuries in all cohorts of the population, including the elderly.

Technological Advances

Technology doesn’t sleep and its continual evolution is reaping benefits in the orthopedic soft tissue repair market.

Key to this trend are minimally invasive techniques which offer quicker recovery times, shorter hospital stays and smaller incisions.  Minimally invasive alternatives are increasingly requested by patients with soft tissue injuries, as the market comes to understand their benefits.

With the smaller incision size comes a greatly reduced risk of infection, a very attractive feature for patients with soft tissue injuries.

Platelet rich plasma is another trend in soft tissue repair that’s growing in prominence.  Proven effective for the repair of orthopedic ligament tears, PRP is joined by other innovations which are changing the prognosis for patients with these types of injuries.

Better Geriatric Care

For a growing population of people over age 65, orthopedic soft tissue repair represents a quantum leap forward in the quality of care.

With an increasing life expectancy, seniors face the deterioration of ligament tissue as a natural part of the aging process.  Concurrently, aging provokes changes in the musculoskeletal system.  Because we’re leading longer lives, the evolution of the orthopedic soft tissue market is growing to meet demand.

An aging population is, in fact, one of the key drivers in the growth of this sector.

Sports-Related Injuries at Center Stage

The treatment of sports-related injuries with orthopedic soft tissue repair is having major implications for the treatment of other populations.

While we’re not all sporting people, we all have human bodies which are prone to injury.  Some injuries are more common than others and the prevalence of ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) tears in the sporting population has informed significant innovation in medical approaches.

With the need for athletes to return to their chosen sport, quicker recovery times, shorter hospital stays and the reduced incidence of complications associated with new orthopedic soft tissue repair therapies, innovation has been driven by demand.

But that demand has spilled over to accommodate treatments for people in other sectors who sustain similar injuries.  This is an extremely positive development that’s bringing the advantages of therapies like PRP and minimally invasive techniques into the mainstream.


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