What is an OA Knee Brace?

OA knee brace

Today, 27 million people in the USA are afflicted with the degenerative disease of the bone, osteoarthritis.

It can strike anyone.  Whether you’re active or sedentary, slim or portly, OA is an equal opportunity affliction.  A painful condition, it can strike in any of your joints, but knees are a bad place to get it.  It can affect your mobility as radically as the same condition in the hip joint.

So, what is an OA knee brace?  It’s a supportive device, designed specifically for those who struggle with osteoarthritis of the knee joint.

The brace acts not only in a supporting role, but also as a means of re-aligning the structures of the knee and taking some of the pressure off implicated nerves (the source of the pain).  This has the effect of giving people with the condition a whole new lease on life by restoring mobility.

This device can help you avoid surgery and if that’s not possible, it will at least delay the need for it, as you go about your business.

2010 Study

A study conducted in 2010 and presented by the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons at its annual meeting, drew its findings from observing a study group of people with OA.  Participants’ ages ranged from 45 to 87.

Of those engaged, 49 found significant relief from wearing an OA knee brace, including a reduction in pain, stiffness and loss of mobility, over a follow-up period of 6 months.

The use of over-the-counter and prescription medications diminished dramatically in the group, generally.  Over 1/3rd of participants radically reduced their intake of anti-inflammatory medications after 6 months of wearing the OA brace.

These positive results are encouraging for OA sufferers, as the realignment of the knee made possible a much higher degree of function from using the brace.

But not everyone’s right for an OA knee brace.  Those who are bearing too much weight, or those who don’t weigh enough may have trouble being fitted for the device.

Your Role

If you’re being advised to try an OA knee brace, it’s important to understand that realigning the knee is your ticket to improving your situation even further.

Once mobility has been restored, you can support your own healing by strengthening the muscles connected to the knee, particularly in the quadriceps and hamstring muscles.  Of course, strengthening the buttocks also supports knee health, as it’s all connected!

Talk to your doctor about an exercise regime to give your knee the best chance possible.  You can also ask about nutritious eating and other lifestyle hacks to help.

The OA knee brace is one of the leading non-invasive solutions for treating pain from osteoarthritis.  If you’ve lost mobility due to OA of the knee, this is one of the most powerful weapons in your arsenal.


At Obility, we offer a progressive approach to orthopedics, with everything you need before, during and following surgery.

We support your ongoing wellness with orthopedic products and services, supporting professionals and patients alike.

If you believe an OA Knee brace may be right for you, contact our Patient Advocate team and we’ll work with your physician to see if an OA brace is right for you.

Whatever better means to you, we’ll get you there.

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